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Questions & Answers

QuestionsBelow are a group of Questions asked from our Customers……

Q: Are our boxes Australian Made? Yes they are. 
Our range of boxes are made right here in our factory in Clontarf, Brisbane.

Q: Is our Cardboard Australian Made?
Where possible we use only Australian Made cardbard. Our Natural Krafdt and our Earthpak 100% Recycled Range is made and printed right here in Australian. 

**Natural Recycled and Natural Recycled E-flute are made especially for Boxes R Us. All other boards are purchased from Australian Suppliers.

Q:  What is the GSM of our Cardb oard?
All our cardboards have a different GSM, please refer to our General Information page for more details.

Q:  What colour Options do I have?
We have a large selection of Colours available.  We are unable to match PMS colours unless purchasing over 1000 sheets, depending on the size of box required would depend on how many boxes we can make with 1000 Sheets,  MOQ would differ from our standard service.  Please refer to our Colour Swatch page for your colour selection.

Q: What Ink do we use to print our boards?
Our printer supplier uses a Soy based ink to print on our cardboard.

Q: Can Boxes R Us make Custom Packaging?
Yes we can, however our machines are not large machines so we can only make up to a sertain size.
It would be best to use our Quote page or send us an email with the box size your looking for so we can let you know if its possible.

Q: Do we have min Qty orders?
Yes, but only on our Coloured Board. We keep Matt Black, Natural Kraft and Natural Recycled on the shelf so our customers can purchase in smaller Qty’s. When ordering through the website it will show you the minimum order requirements.

Q: Do we offer any Printing Services?
Yes we do, we offer Foil Printing. This is a one colour one position print. You can find out more information HERE on our Printing Page.
We don’t offer any other printing service.

Q: Is Foil Printing Recycleable?
It is, just not here in Australia. BUT It can however be placed in the Recycle Bin.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate in contacting us.